About me I can say:

  1. I’m from the north of Spain, I was born in a city called A Coruña surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean but I grew up in Madrid
  2. I would always pick savoury over sweet
  3. I can’t whistle
  4. I hate to cook, I’m always trying to learn but results are not encouraging me
  5. I love cats
  6. I hate olives, when I pass near an olive stall I have to cross the street
  7. I don’t like inefficiency and lazy people at work
  8. I’m flaked on the whole religion thing
  9. I believe in luck and I think I’m lucky 🙂
  10. I love Yoga but I hate gyms
  11. I hate Coca Cola and I never drink sparkly drinks
  12. I can’t stand sexism
  13. My favourite thing to eat is aubergine however cooked
  14. I’m Berlin based and Berlin lover